Vince Horiuchi Brings the Art of Breaking to Students in Underserved LA Communities

by Bridget Conrad | 12/4/2019 8:38 PM

Photo Credit: @VincaniTV on Facebook

Since 2005, Vince Horiuchi has taught Breaking classes to students in underserved communities. Unfortunately though, when schools experience budget cuts, arts programs are usually the first things to go, and in 2011, many of his classes were discontinued due to lack of funding. Where many teachers would give up, this only sparked Horiuchi to create VincaniTV, which provides free dance tutorials on YouTube as an alternative for his students to learn the art of dance.

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Horiuchi’s primary passion is to spread his knowledge of Breaking to youth who may not otherwise be able to afford training. But when public funding was cut from many of the local schools where he taught classes, he was determined to keep the presence of dance in his students' lives. With VincaniTV, Horiuchi figured out a way to bring his classes to the masses for free on YouTube. His lessons include teaching things like the cricket freeze, coin drop, and training on how to do a headstand. Throughout his variety of videos though, Horiuchi's main theme is to empower kids through dance and to teach kids self-confidence, which will help them in all areas of their lives.


VincaniTV originated in 2011 when Horiuchi began posting dance tutorials on YouTube, but within a couple of weeks, he started getting emails from kids all over the world asking questions about Breaking. As VincaniTV gained followers, Horiuchi started making dance videos and Breaking tutorials from his point of view as a dance instructor. In addition to dance tutorials, VincaniTV also provides monthly training sessions for dancers who are interested in taking their skills to the next level.

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Today, Horiuchi still teaches 15-20 classes a week in schools and uses his dance videos as a way for kids to review the lessons they learn. “I think having this presence in schools, it really shows people the power of the arts. You see shy kids become confident. You see kids who have this anxiety over having to dance let loose and be free,” said Horiuchi to KCal 9 CBS Los Angeles. The fact that his 10-week dance programs help kids to get over things like social anxiety is a huge motivator for him to keep showing youth the power of dance.

Photo Credit: @bboyvincanity on Instagram

In the spirit of the holidays, Horiuchi recently got a life-changing surprise from Ally Bank. Ally recognized Horiuchi for his efforts to keep arts education alive in LA area public schools and donated $10,000 to both Payne and Voorhis Elementary Schools in El Monte, two schools where Horiuchi teaches. This money will allow him to keep his program running another year in these schools, changing not only his life but the lives of the kids too. In addition, Ally provided the students with new clothes and Horiuchi received a new car to help him get to and from all his classes. 

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Through Horiuchi's efforts, many children are motivated and uplifted every day by dance. Since training options for Breaking aren't as abundant as some of the other dance genres, Horiuchi is truly helping to groom the next wave of Breaking talent. It won't be long until we see Horiuchi-trained dancers on shows like So You Think You Can Dance or starring in the next big dance movie!

For more information on VinCaniTV, visit or check out the Facebook and YouTube accounts VincaniTV. You can also follow Horuichi on Instagram at @bboyvincanity

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