Get Ready for the Boy Band & Girl Group Night Opening Number on 'DWTS'

by Kristyn Burtt | 11/11/2019 3:02 PM

Photo credit: ABC/Eric McCandless.

In Season 28 on Dancing With the Stars, Dance Network has spoken with the choreographers who were invited to create an opening number on the show. This week, the show's associate creative director Brooke Wendle is teaming up with choreographer Rodrigo Basurto for the Boy Band & Girl Group Night piece. They gave Dance Network a sneak peek about what to expect from Monday's show.


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Dance Network: Since you are on the creative team this season, how did you decide that Boy Band & Girl Group Night was the right theme week for you to choreograph the opening number? What inspired you to team up with Rodrigo for this number?


Brooke Wendle: It was the creative director Justin [Mabardi's] idea for me to choreograph Boy Band & Girl Group Night. Rodrigo and I both earned our multi-camera experience on America’s Got Talent and Justin and I knew he was the right fit to knock it out of the park.


DN: Rodrigo, how did Brooke's strengths help you choreograph this number? Brooke, how did Rodrigo's strengths help you choreograph this number?


Rodrigo Basurto: I think that the experience we both have on TV is helpful because we work faster and more effective together. She has a lot of logic and sense in what she wants, so her vision from the beginning is very clear.


Brooke: Rodrigo’s musicality and athleticism inspire me, so it was a very natural, easy and fun process to collaborate with him.


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DN: Rodrigo, what has surprised you the most about working on DWTS?


Rodrigo: The energy and good vibes that everyone puts into rehearsals have been incredible. The right energy needs to be in the room to do a good number that is fun and just feels good. I'm an energy guy, so that's important. [I was also impressed] at how quickly the pro dancers learned my choreography.


DN: Brooke, what have you learned from working with the outside choreographers who did opening numbers this season?


Brooke: It has been an honor to bring in different choreographic voices this season. Not only has each choreographer been unique and very talented, but they are also nice humans, which for a creative team moving very quickly, is a real joy.


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DN: What was the biggest challenge for this week's opening number?


Brooke: We had some last-minute casting and music changes as well as some technical Tetris to work out to film this number live. Being able to adapt in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment keeps me on my toes. I know it will come together just at the right time.


Rodrigo: [The challenge is] to make sure everyone looks good — from the dancers to the celebrities and the guests, who are dancing in the number, too.


DN: What are you looking forward to the most with this week's number?


Brooke: I am most excited to integrate our celebrity contestants into the number and see them shine — and, of course, getting to see the finished product!


Rodrigo: I want people to enjoy it, to dance with us and to sing those songs that are very iconic to our lives. Bringing the audience back to their childhood to remember those times are special.


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