8 Epic Routines Choreographed by 'DWTS' Pro Lindsay Arnold That We Love

by Kristyn Burtt | 5/29/2019 1:45 PM

Photo credit: ABC/Eric McCandless.

Lindsay Arnold burst onto the Dancing With the Stars scene in 2013 when she joined Season 16 as a pro. She was hot off Season 9 of So You Think You Can Dance and she became the second-youngest pro on DWTS after Julianne Hough.


Her first season was a huge learning curve for the young pro. After stepping back into troupe for Seasons 17-20, she made a choice to take advantage of all of the opportunities the troupe offered her.


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Lindsay told Dance Network in 2017, "When I did become a pro again. It all made sense. I needed that time. I needed to watch and learn to see what works and what doesn’t work. It was important for me to go through that ‘am I good enough?’ phase because it made me realize that I am good enough."


She came back strong in Season 21 and DWTS fans took notice of her choreography and her confidence as a pro. So we are here to celebrate some of our favorite routines choreographed by Lindsay. We picked one from every season, and while this is just our opinion, we want to hear from you about your favorites, too.


Season 16-Victor Ortiz: Viennese Waltz

Victor Ortiz came in as a boxer with strong and powerful moves on the dance floor. By Week 5, Lindsay was able to show his softer and lyrical side in this Viennese waltz. This week also had the genius Len's Side-by-Side Challenge. DWTS should really think about bringing this concept back for Season 28.


Season 21-Alek Skarlatos: Waltz

Lindsay returned to the show as a pro and she came ready to take names. This waltz with Alek Skarlatos in Week 10 cemented Lindsay's now-legendary status as a pro. The set was simple and the dance was pure and filled with emotion. Alek's casting was also one of Deena Katz's genius ideas of capturing trending news and putting it out there on the dance floor.


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Season 22-Wanya Morris: Charleston

If you're looking for someone to choreograph a great Charleston, call Lindsay. This has become one of her signature styles on the show. We still haven't recovered from the fact that Wanya Morris came in fourth place on this season. His light-as-a-feather dancing and sparkling personality made us fans for life.


Season 23-Calvin Johnson Jr.: Tango

The lift. The lift. The lift. You know which one I'm talking about in this number. Lindsay used Calvin Johnson Jr.'s strength and height to showcase a beautiful multi-layered windmill lift. The gorgeous lines of Lindsay's legs as she spins across his body in the air? Divine.


Season 24-David Ross: Freestyle

If anyone was going to question Lindsay's strength as a pro, they were silenced during Season 24. She took non-dancer, David Ross and turned him into a dancer. The best part of this partnership was the strong friendship that developed — we all knew that David had the time of his life every step of the way. He looked to Lindsay as his coach and she took her athlete straight to second place.


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Season 25-Jordan Fisher: Every Dance

All of the prior seasons were leading up to this glorious season for Lindsay. Getting Jordan Fisher as a partner was the perfect pairing — he could dance and she could work her choreographic magic. That's exactly what happened week after week until they won that Mirrorball Trophy.


Season 26-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Salsa

If you're looking for creativity, Lindsay will deliver it. Her partner was 7'2" and she had a salsa dance to deliver. This salsa had a sense of humor and a troupe member Hayley Erbert ready for anything. Lindsay sat on her shoulders moving her arms while Hayley handled the footwork to match Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's height. It's one for the record books.


Season 27-DeMarcus Ware: Viennese Waltz

DeMarcus Ware was an underrated contestant and deserved a higher placement than his Week 7 elimination. This dance was the best one of the night and he still went home. Lindsay has a marvelous touch when it comes to stripping down a dance and creating a simple piece with gorgeous lines. This dance encapsulated just that.


Share with us your favorite Lindsay Arnold dances — which one is your favorite?


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