Dwight Holt Jr. is Taking Dance Your Pounds Off on Tour

by Bridget Conrad | 5/15/2019 11:52 PM

Photo Credit: @dwightholtjr on Instagram

One of the best things about dance is that it’s the perfect vehicle to help you shake off all the negative things in life. If you are trying to get rid of stress, forget about your insecurities, or are just trying to lose a few pounds, dance helps you feel like your best self. Celebrity dance fitness instructor Dwight Holt, Jr. was personally affected by dance about five years ago when he entered an unexpected partnership with a famous actress which resulted in the creation of his company Dance Your Pounds Off, LLC. Now, Holt has made it his mission to encourage people all over the U.S. to dance off anything stopping them from living their best lives.

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Holt's love for dance and performing arts began at a very early age. His first major performance was at the age of 5 when he was invited to showcase his talents at the Atlanta Battle of the Bands after he was seen imitating drum majors. Later, he went on to train professionally at a performing arts school in Tennessee learning ballet, modern, and lyrical. Although, while attending Morehouse College, Holt found his niche with African dance and became the college’s go-to choreographer.

In 2014, Holt decided to put his dancing career on the shelf for a corporate job in banking, but he still craved a creative outlet. One day when he was finishing up his workout in the gym, he noticed a woman mimicking his dance fitness choreography. This woman happened to be Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique who was in Atlanta shooting a movie. Once the two connected, Mo’nique asked Holt to be her trainer while she was in town. He immediately agreed to the offer because it seemed like the perfect way to feed his creative side.

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After Mo’Nique relocated to Atlanta full-time, she hired Holt as her full-time fitness instructor. Together, they came up with a program where Mo’Nique literally danced pounds off of her body. “That’s where my company Dance Your Pounds Off, LLC came from. I started introducing the concept to the public,” Holt told ajc.com. Mo’Nique has publicly attributed her significant weight loss to Holt on multiple occasions, bringing national attention to his company.

Fast forward to today and Holt has now walked away from his corporate job to focus his efforts solely on Dance Your Pounds Off. He went from having an average of 10 people in his classes to owning his own studio in just a few short years. In addition to his Atlanta classes, Holt regularly takes his show on the road so people all over the U.S. can soak up the positive Dance Your Pounds Off vibe. He also has a series of viral treadmill routine videos and plans to bring Dance Your Pounds Off to DVD. 

“Women around the world are going to love you Dwight. You give a confidence that makes anyone feel they can do anything and you don’t take no as an answer,” commented Mo’Nique.

Even though Holt has added additional celebrity clients to his roster, he sees all of his students as stars. He loves watching people grow as a result of living out his passion. For those who are curious about Dance Your Pounds Off that live outside of the Atlanta area, you’re in luck! During the month of May, Holt is traveling to Alabama, Louisiana, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee for his What’s a Limit Tour. Tickets are available at Eventbrite.com and you can go to @dwightholtjr on Instagram to see additional tour dates.

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Whenever I discover a program like Dance Your Pounds Off, I make a point to write about it. Many people are afraid to get in shape or begin dancing because they feel self-conscious, but programs like this make living a healthier lifestyle so accessible. You are not only able to feed off of the instructor’s positive energy, but you also gain a new tribe of friends who can share in your fitness journey!

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