Dancing Duo Ranz & Niana are Truly Sibling Goals

by Bridget Conrad | 5/9/2019 12:38 AM

Photo Credit: @ranzandniana on Instagram

It's normal for siblings with large age gaps to struggle to find similar interests and to fight about silly things, but social media stars Ranz & Niana from the Philippines realized at a young age that they could solve any problem through dancing and creating content together. This brother and sister duo went viral a few years ago by dancing and posting content on Musical.ly, Facebook, and YouTube. Today, they’ve gathered over 6 million followers on their Facebook page alone. What initially started as a hobby and a bonding experience has become their passion because people noticed their talent and continuously want more content from them. Now, they not only try to make people laugh with their videos, but Ranz & Niana are also focused on using their Internet stardom to inspire and entertain younger generations, especially siblings.

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Ranz, 22, started his own YouTube channel in 2008 by posting videos of himself dancing with the all-boy dance group Chicser. While shooting, editing, producing, and performing all on his own, he quickly rose to fame on YouTube mostly from his own choreographed videos set to hit songs. One of his most successful early videos was his dance to Chris Brown’s song ‘I Should’ve Kissed You.” 

In 2015, Ranz joined forces with his younger sister Niana to create a 10-second Dubsmash choreographed dance, and after sharing it on their social media accounts, the siblings realized how much of an impact they had on audiences as a duo. Since then, Niana started her own YouTube channel following in her brother footsteps, but the duo still posts things together like pranks, challenges, and of course their very popular dance videos.

Probably the most popular dance video Ranz & Niana ever posted was in 2017 called 'Hit That Despacito!' This video is set to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s hit song 'Despacito' and shows Niana bursting into dance anywhere and everywhere as Ranz says, “Hit that Despacito, Niana!” Today, this video has almost 28 million views and the siblings have a combined total of over 13 million subscribers on their personal YouTube channels.

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When Ranz & Niana prepare to choreograph a new video, they first observe the current dance trends and look to what’s happening in the entertainment industry, then they add their own special twist to a piece to make it unique. Just like other creators, they both have certain people who inspire them. Ranz looks up to the Jabbawockeez because they are amazing dancers, and Niana likes both Chachi Gonzales and Matt Steffanina because they’re both great dancers and content creators.

Photo Credit: @ranzandniana on Instagram

During an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazinethe duo’s dad expressed that he was initially shocked at all the attention his kids were receiving, but after he watched their videos, he understood why so many people found his children humorous and inspirational. He eventually understood why they went viral so quickly. Both Ranz & Niana know their parents love to see them dance together, but they also acknowledge how dance helped them to strengthen their bond with each other. “It’s fun, healthy, and a great way to bond. Sometimes we just dance out of nowhere when we hear a beat, and we realize how similar our moves are. It’s been great dancing with my little sis,” Ranz told ABS-CBN News in an interview.

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I think it’s so inspiring to see dance as the foundation of a loving brother/sister relationship. It’s clear that the time Ranz & Niana have spent creating content not only brought them closer together, but provided them a very profitable and stable career. Judging by their social media following, this duo will have a long future of dancing and performing side-by-side for audiences of all ages.

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