Dancer JaMiyah Robinson Backflipped Her Way into Viral Stardom

by Bridget Conrad | 4/25/2019 12:34 AM

Photo Credit: LaShawn Jacobs

When LaShawn Jacobs posted a video of her 10-year-old daughter, JaMiyah Robinson, dancing and doing flips with her prosthetic leg, she never dreamed that the video would go viral. Robinson was fitted for her prosthetic leg at a very young age due to a rare condition that made one of her legs shorter than the other. Some would take this situation as a setback, but now Robinson is determined to show all those watching her that she can still do anything other girls her age can do, even become a professional dancer. 

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Dancing was always second nature to Robinson. She and her sisters danced around the house regularly, and after watching her older sister participate in Elite Forces of Destruction, a community dance team in South Carolina, Robinson decided she wanted to try out for the team herself. While her mother was scared that Robinson would be disappointed with the outcome of her audition, she supported her daughter every step of the way. In the end, Robinson stunned everyone with her abilities and made the team. She’s been a member now for the past three years, and the team was even featured on the Lifetime show “Bring It!”

In addition to dancing, Robinson and her older sister recently started teaching themselves gymnastics moves. Jacobs was overwhelmed with pride when her daughter learned to do backflips with her prosthetic, but when she posted the video of her daughter's talents, it quickly captured the eyes and hearts of people around the world as well. Soon after the posting, the video garnered 2.6 million views, 50,000 shares, and thousands of comments. Robinson was suddenly a viral sensation and started receiving messages from mothers of other amputees telling her she empowered their kids.

“When I see her dance I’m like wow that’s my daughter. It’s so wonderful to see because there’s a lot of kids that have disabilities and they think they can’t do something. My daughter is living proof you can do and be anything,” said Jacobs to WLTX.

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As for her condition, Robinson has what’s called left leg femoral deficiency, which caused her left leg to be shorter than her right leg. She used to walk on her shorter leg on tiptoe, but as she got older, doctors told her mother that she had to make a decision about what to do with Robinson’s leg. They said that Robinson would have a better chance in life without her foot and with a prosthetic. So, when Robinson was 5-years-old, her mother made the hard decision to have her foot amputated and fit her for a prosthetic. 

Over the next years, Robinson worked very hard to gain agility with her prosthetic, but now the leg is a part of her body. “The first time, when I got it, it felt weird, but now it feels like a regular leg. Like, it feels like human legs to me,” said Robinson to WIS News.

Photo Credit: LaShawn Jacobs

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Even though her Internet fame came as a surprise, Robinson loves the fact that her video went viral. She feels famous, but more importantly, sees it as an opportunity to inspire others. “I feel like a regular normal girl. Everybody’s just staring at me..and can see that this girl can never stop. I hope that some of them never say they can’t do anything because you really can,” said Robinson to WLTX

In the future, Robinson hopes to become a professional dancer but also aspires to be a doctor so she can work with patients who have her same condition. She’s a true testament to the fact that passion can guide anyone to achieve greatness in life.

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