DivaDance Company Can Help You Keep Your Resolution to Be More Active in 2019

by Bridget Conrad | 1/11/2019 7:44 PM

Photo Credit: Jami Stigliano, DivaDance Company

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for women every year is a promise to lead a more active lifestyle. This usually results in women signing up for gym memberships, even if working out in a regular gym doesn’t motivate them. I’m here to tell you though that there are so many other ways to become more active! If you are an ex-dancer, a dance fan, or just someone that likes to move, DivaDance Company might be your solution to being active in 2019. With locations in seven cities, DivaDance Company offers women of all dance abilities the opportunity to come together and forget about their worries while dancing to today’s pop hits.

Founded in 2015 by Jami Stigliano, DivaDance Company incorporates self-love and body confidence at the core of its curriculum combined with chart-topping pop and hip-hop tunes. It offers classes in all levels hip-hop, a sexy stilettos class, a Slay Like Beyonce class, and a variety of fun fitness classes including: dance fitness for beginners, sexy cardio dance fitness, and Not Yo’ Mama’s cardio dance. In addition, the company also hosts fully customizable private parties. 

Stigliano began choreographing dances for her friends to the tunes of Madonna, Mariah, and Paula Abdul when she was just a kid growing up in Texas. She went on to be her high school’s dance team captain, graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, and then moved to New York where she put her passion for pop music to good use and became a record executive at Jive Records. Originally, she created DivaDance Company as an alternative to stressful dance studios targeting only Broadway-bound dancers, but now she knows her company provides much more to women than just dance classes. “I have hundreds of examples of women who not only lost weight because they’ve been more active, but their shoulders are up, they make brighter eye contact, they smile bigger. We feel that if you’re confident you’re a better mother, wife, sister, coworker,” said Stigliano to USA Today. 

When I asked Stigliano why DivaDance Company was the perfect place for women to keep up with an active lifestyle resolution, she said that students will learn actual choreography, so it’s always different and never boring! “We’re judgement-free, inclusive, and for all levels- you’ll never feel like your body type or ability level is out of place. Also, we’re all about community, so you have built-in accountability,” commented Stigliano. Ultimately, students who come to DivaDance Company become more confident and burn tons of calories at the same time. It’s really a win-win situation.

Photo Credit: Jami Stigliano, DivaDance Company

In addition to classes, DivaDance Company also gives women the opportunity to participate in team dance performances with no audition required! The team dance sessions are multi-week sessions (6-10 weeks, varies by location) and participants learn a full-length routine to one of today’s most popular songs. Each rehearsal is 90-minutes and the session concludes with a professionally shot and edited video, along with a costumed performance show. DivaDance Company sees this as its updated version of a flash mob.

With locations in Atlanta, Austin, Charleston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D. C., Stigliano said that DivaDance Company has helped her to stay connected to what she loves to do and inspire others to do the same. “My passion for girl power is second only to helping others reach their full potential,” said Stigliano.  Overall, Stigliano is proud to lead a tribe that’s truly based on a sense of confidence and community, which is why DivaDance Company is the perfect place to help women become more active in 2019.

For more information on DivaDance Company, visit https://divadancecompany.com

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