'SYTYCD' Choreographer Comfort Fedoke Takes Her Career to New Heights

by Kristyn Burtt | 1/7/2019 3:03 PM

Photo courtesy of Comfort Fedoke.

If you followed Comfort Fedoke in 2018, you watched her expand her dance career in new directions. Fans of So You Think You Can Dance saw her in a new role during Season 15 — choreographer. 

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Comfort is continuing to take her choreography and directing career to new heights in 2019. On Jan. 1, she released a collaborative video with Londrelle using his song, “Love Without Conditions.”  The piece also features the work of mixed-media artist Laurie Shapiro and body artist Zoe Rappaport. The result is a visually stunning work of art called "Born To Love."

Londrelle, who had a been a source of inspiration to Comfort since 2017,  reached out to her to collaborate on this video.

"Londrelle’s music truly took me out of a dark, depressing place and it helped me to continue to say positive phrases consistently, so I used his music in almost all of my newer creative projects," she explained to Dance Network. "One day, Londrelle messaged me on Instagram because he saw I was always using his music for really artistic projects. He asked if we could collaborate on a newer song of his on the album, Sunflower Soul."

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From there, the project blossomed by adding Laurie and Zoe's work into the mix.  

"Inspiration flowed like water from there," said Comfort.

While juggling several roles on this project, Comfort learned an important lesson on the business side — needing a bigger crew for the production. 

"The challenges happen for a reason and now I know what it takes to film and edit a video. I had to adjust and adapt in an unfortunate predicament [while being down one crew member]," Comfort shared. "I’ve built a better and more reliable team, so I don’t have to wear as many hats. It's learning the lessons that I just had to 'Trust the Process' [her personal mantra]."

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The stressful filming and editing experience didn't deter Comfort one bit, it only motivated her more for 2019. She has some big goals for the new year, so keep your eye on her work as a rising director and choreographer. 

"I just want to create more and learn more. I love the idea of mixing art and dance together and creating worlds that only live in your dreams. I want to create my own immersive world that an audience can walk through and experience," Comfort concluded. "People think they know me, but I have different sides of myself that I haven’t shared yet. Through art, I can’t wait to tell a story."

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