The Silver Classix Crew Inspires Senior Adults to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

by Bridget Conrad | 11/1/2018 1:54 AM

Photo Credit: @silverclassixcrew on Facebook

Over the past few weeks, the same dance video has popped up on my Facebook timeline multiple times, and when I got the chance to watch it in its entirety, I quickly became intrigued. I love a good hip-hop crew video, and I was completely sold on this crew from the beginning. They were flashy, they had great moves, and they were something I’d never seen before. After some research, I discovered that I just watched a performance of Atlanta’s first senior hip-hop group called the Silver Classix Crew. These senior adults are on a mission to show others that dance is the only 100% proven anti-aging solution.

Silver Classix Crew was created in 2010 by dancer Leslie Alison, who is a former NBA dancer and former captain of the Atlanta Hawks cheerleaders. Currently, members of this group are between the ages of 50-73 and they all have a passion for life and dance. Alison’s primary goal for the Silver Classix Crew is to show people that there are no limits to what you can achieve.

The Silver Classix Crew was featured in a Silento video.

Besides being featured on CNN Headline News and ABC’s #DanceBattle America, Silver Classix Crew also appeared in mainstream hip-hop videos for artists such as Silento, Migos, 2Chainz, and Macklemore. Most Atlanta residents though know the group from their regular performances at the Atlanta Hawks games. 

With weekly practices, frequent dance workshops, and team charity events, Alison has to make sure that every member of Silver Classix Crew is 100% committed, so she holds a formal audition and accompanying audition prep workshops every year. During the audition, participants are required to learn a short piece of choreography and perform it for a panel of judges. Even though Alison does run a proper audition process, she still tries to keep it light and fun to align with the group’s mission of inspiring all senior adults to stay fit. “I want everyone to have fun, but I make sure they are polished dancers. I try to teach everything very slowly and accurately, so they can catch on to what I’m doing,” Alison told Worldstar Hit Radio TV.

The Silver Classix Crew performed on Atl&Co.

To me, the best part of the Silver Classix Crew is that they encourage all seniors to get involved in dance and exercise to achieve a healthy lifestyle later in life. Several members of the group are cancer survivors, have overcome weight struggles, and deal with the burden of diabetes, and they use dance as a form of mental and physical therapy. Additionally, not all crew members have previous dance experience; some just discovered a passion for dance later in life.

All in all, you can see why the Silver Classix Crew is a very important part of the Atlanta community. Too often we get caught up in the professional aspect of dance and it’s nice to see a dance program like this that is an outlet for active senior adults to build strength and stamina, providing them a better quality of life. This group does a great job of showing that the spirit of dance is truly ageless.

To learn more about the Silver Classix Crew, check out . You can also follow the crew on social media at @silverclassixcrew on Facebook and Instagram and @classixcrew on Twitter.

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