‘World Of Dance’ Delivers A Dance Debate With Charity & Andrés Versus Sean & Kaycee

by Kristyn Burtt | 9/6/2018 4:51 PM

Photo credit: Justin Lubin/NBC 


It's another dance debate for the ages! On Wednesday, World of Dance left viewers with a sense of déjà vu from Season 1 — an injured contestant, two high-level performances and the question of whether the right contenders were moved on to the World Finals. 



Last summer, dance fans got into a war of words over Les Twins versus Keone & Mari in the Divisional Finals. Laurent had a leg injury days before the taping and he was relegated to crutches. The duo creatively came up with a concept that incorporated a wheelchair into the piece.  


Keone & Mari stepped up with a black-and-white number that charmingly followed their engagement story. Les Twins came out on top in this round, but you can still heatedly talk to many dance fans who believe Keone & Mari were robbed of a World Finals opportunity. But in the end, Les Twins walked away with $1 million, so was the outcome ever wrong? 


We all know that art is subjective and dance fans are moved by different things — emotion versus tricks can be the deciding factor, especially on World of Dance. Last night, it came down to the slightest margin in voting in the Junior Division with Charity & Andrés and Sean & Kaycee. 



You will never sway me from the opinion that Keone & Mari won that round last year. This year? I can make arguments for both sides, but I did give the victory to Sean & Kaycee by just a hair. 


Charity & Andrés set the stage for the showdown, even with Charity's broken toe. They switched up some of her tricks to favor her healthy foot and Andrés took the lead on this piece. The choreographic elements included some unexpected ballroom moments and their athletic style was on full display. 




Sean & Kaycee finished up the night with a piece that moved me more. The sensitivity and connection with this duo are so special and rare, it’s something that can’t be taught. While their tricks might not be as flashy as Charity & Andrés, I am still thinking about this piece hours and hours later.  



The judges pushed Charity & Andrés through by only seven-tenths of a point, so it was a close battle. What leaves me with a sense of peace is knowing how incredibly talented these four dancers are. The future is so bright with their talents leading the way in the dance industry. I can't wait to see what is next. 


Who do you think should have won? Charity & Andrés or Sean & Kaycee? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook! 


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