Meghan Trainor Filmed Two Dance Videos for her Anthem “No Excuses”

by Bridget Conrad | 8/30/2018 4:39 PM

Photo Credit: Floss Magazine

In a time where the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements continue to change our social climate, artist Meghan Trainor was inspired to send a message of respect through music and dance. One of the singles Trainor already released off her upcoming album Treat Myself is called “No Excuses,” and its an uplifting and empowering anthem about how people of all ages, shapes, genders, and colors deserve respect. In addition to a music video, Trainor created a dance video featuring a cast of all-star young dance influencers, and a Zumba video to spread her message to the masses.

When you listen to “No Excuses,” you can’t help but hear the inspiration from Aretha Franklin’s 1960s hit “Respect.” Trainor admittedly wanted “No Excuses” to be a modern-day version of the song because her song is about respect in all forms. She sings about how we should all respect each other and love ourselves because there’s no excuse not to choose happiness. There’s no excuse for people to treat others badly.

To bring her message to life, Trainor hired some of the most talented young dancers to star in the song’s dance video. The cast of dancers included notable female stars ranging from ages 9-17: Aliyah Rose (9), Alysa Gutierez-Sierra (9), Nicole Laeno (12), Alena Garver (12), Tahani Anderson (14), Tati McQuay (14), Kaycee Rice (15), Charlize Glass (16), Autumn Miller (16), Natalie Bebko (16) and Lexee Smith (17). “This group of dancers was hand selected by me and Meghan. We’ve worked with a bunch of them over the years and it’s been so fun to watch these strong, young women grow up,” said Charm LaDonna, Trainor’s creative director, to Trainor hoped that these young dancers would inspire the younger generation to learn the value of respect at an early age.

Photo Credit: Meghan Trainor on YouTube

To reach a more general population, Trainor also released an official Zumba choreography video to “No Excuses” so everyone can sing along and dance with her. Since Zumba is a vehicle of empowerment to a lot of adults today, this was a great avenue to reach an older crowd.

Trainor is widely-known for her past dance hits such as “All About That Bass,” but “No Excuses” is very personal to her. She told People Magazine that “No Excuses” was one of the last songs she wrote for her new album and it was written from a personal experience she had of disrespect and mansplaining. This experience reminded her that we need more respect for each other at every age.

I must commend Trainor for turning to dance to drive her point home to both younger and older generations. Dance is a universal medium that has the power to touch everyone. I’m sure that using both an influencer-filled dance video and a Zumba video will continue to spread her message of respect to a lot of people for years to come.

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