Luka & Jenalyn Return To ‘World Of Dance’ With A Fresh Outlook & Style

by Kristyn Burtt | 7/18/2018 2:43 PM

Photo credit: Justin Lubin/NBC

On Tuesday night, World of Dance saw another set of competitors return to the stage — Luka & Jenalyn. The Canadian duo came back for Season 2 stronger, more mature and eager to show the judges what they've been working on over the last year. Dance Network has followed their journey over the last year and it's been a ride that has taken them from NBC to Blackpool and beyond.


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“We are excited, and we are anxious for the whole world to see what we do," Luka told Dance Network back in March 2017. “The talent on that show is unbelievable.”


That sentiment hasn't changed any for the duo. This time around, they were excited to see some of the familiar faces from Season 1.


"We loved seeing DNA and Eva Igo return. Their work has continued to be some of the best in the world," shared Luka in a recent interview with Dance Network.


"I loved seeing Eva Igo. She made such a big impact the first time around. It was great to see her artistry again on the stage," chimed in Jenalyn.


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For Luka & Jenalyn, it was about showing Jennifer Lopez that their Ballroom Cabaret style had matured and that they could incorporate more dance into their routines. The duo spent hours in the studio refining their work and inviting Laurent Bougious from Les Twins, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Phillip Chbeeb and choreographer Aidan Carberry to assist them.


“The NBC experience taught us to push our limits and [we knew] that there was so much more for us to learn from different dance styles and teachers," said Luka. "Chbeeb's work definitely added a layer of movement and technique that has been able to diversify our style and give us more ways to connect with the audience and judges."



That influence was seen at the start of their routine in the Qualifiers on Tuesday. The judges referred to their opening moves on the floor — a quiet moment before the flurry of their piece. It was the perfect example of how their style has evolved.


"We really want to show everyone that we've matured over the last year and that we can incorporate transitions and emotion into our style," emphasized Jenalyn. "We were ready for this coming into Season 2."


After a combined judges' score of 87, the duo is moving on to The Duels on World of Dance.


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The couple also made a big splash at Blackpool this year by becoming the youngest professional pair to place in the competition. This year, they were second in the Blackpool Pro Exhibition Division and the youngest pro couple to finish on the podium in the history of the 100-year-old competition.


While waiting for TV viewers to see how they fare in Season 2 on World of Dance, Luka & Jenalyn have a slate of performances coming up globally. From Germany to the Philippines, the duo is on the move and ready to share their gifts with a worldwide audience.


"We are thrilled to be part of the movement that is introducing dance in new ways to the world. We are going to keep pushing ourselves and showing everyone what we can do. We still have so much room to grow," summed up Luka.


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