567Broadway!: The Dance Workout That Makes Life A Musical

by Kristyn Burtt | 1/18/2018 4:42 PM

Photo credit: Courtesy of Joseph Corella


Musical theatre is one of the most accessible art forms because each show has its own unique message. For Joseph Corella, combining his Broadway dancer background with fitness was a natural fit and he’s ready to bring it to an even bigger stage.


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Corella is raising funds via Kickstarter to make his 567Broadway! classes available to those who live outside of Los Angeles. He’s producing an at-home workout DVD that will feature a 30-minute choreographed dance fitness routine.


“I really wanted to make something that was accessible to everyone and I have certain moves where you can take it up or down a notch,” Corella tells Dance Network. “That’s why I have people from 16-75 in my class — all shapes and sizes. Everybody is working together, smiling and having fun. That's what makes it magical.”


Fans of Broadway will be treated to routines like “Hand Jive” and You’re The One That I Want” from Grease, “Bend and Snap” from Legally Blonde and “One” from A Chorus Line.


“Let me tell you, it's been a journey and a half because it’s always been a dream of mine, but you can't have a Broadway workout without Broadway music. Now that’s the hardest part — licensing,” he explains. “It took about six months to get everything in order.”


Corella also has two secret weapons in his back pocket in case he needs some business advice — Robert and Kym Herjavec. Corella’s classes are based out of the former Dancing With the Stars pro’s studio, The Bod by Kym Herjavec, in Beverly Hills.


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“I'm learning a lot from them. Some of these things that I've always believed in like 567Broadway!, it started slowly, but it began building up and it's taken time,” shares Corella. “But when Kym and Robert came in, it took things to the next level. They’ve been so supportive. I'm super grateful for that.”


He’s not planning on stopping with 567Broadway!, there are future plans to bring ideas like 567Swing! to life under his fitness company, 567Sweat.


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“I believe in the power of music and movement and that's always been central in anything that I do fitness-wise,” Corella sums up. “So that's why I really want to create an umbrella of ideas like swing or the ‘70s. I haven't gotten that far yet, but that is the vision.”


To learn more about his 567Broadway! Kickstarter campaign, visit the fundraising page. There are two weeks left in the fundraising campaign.


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