Sienna Ward Continues to Fight for Her Dancing Dream

by Bridget Conrad | 9/7/2017 3:30 PM

She was an 11-year-old girl with dreams of being a dancer, but in a matter of 24 hours, Sienna Ward’s priorities drastically changed. One day, when walking along train tracks on Grays Avenue in southwest Philadelphia, Ward lost her balance and got caught under a train which caused her to lose her legs. Now, her main purpose is to focus on rehabilitation and getting her life back to how it was before the accident.

Ward doesn’t remember a lot about the day of the accident, but she does know that she was dragged for 500 feet, which originally caused her to lose only one of her legs. Unfortunately, the other leg had to be amputated shortly after due to a life-threatening infection.

When asked about dancing again in the future, Ward told ABC 6 News in Philadelphia,” Losing my legs, there’s been moments when I feel like I am different now but its life so you got to work with it.” Ward had previously danced since she was 3-years-old, specializing in ballet, jazz, and hip hop. At the time of the accident, she was a part of the Philadelphia Movements Dance Company.

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Originally, when Ward’s mother got word about the accident, she was told that her daughter died. Although, when she realized that was a mistake, nothing else mattered. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time Ward’s mother experienced a tragedy in her life. When she was four months pregnant with Sienna, who is one of four children, her husband passed away. Even though her daughter had some setbacks to overcome now, she felt blessed to have her girl still with her.

Ward’s mother didn’t leave her side the whole time she was at Shriner’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Now, Ward is going through physical therapy in a wheelchair until her prosthetic legs are ready. Then, she will learn how to walk again. She has a long road to recovery, but the thing that keeps her going is her dream to dance again. “I miss it a lot. That was the thing I liked to do most. Everything else I really didn’t care about but dance,” Ward told ABC 6 News in Philadelphia. To keep Ward going, her mother shows her videos of a ballerina she found who experienced similar hardships. She wants her daughter to know that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

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Today, Ward continues to prove that she is a fighter. Less than three months after her accident, she’s out of the hospital and recently went back to school. She still has her bad days sometimes, but is confident in the end that everything will be just fine. “I usually have moments when I cry about my legs and stuff, but I get over it and push through because I know I’ll be able to do everything I did before,” Ward told CBS News in Philadelphia.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of this story is the support that the Ward family has received from strangers all over the United States. Ward’s medical bills began to pile up over the past couple of months, but the community didn’t think twice about banning together to help. A friend of Ward’s mother started the family a gofundme page to ask for help and it’s already raised over $23,000. The first goal is to obviously get Ward walking again, but after that, I have no doubt this girl will be dancing in no time.


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