The Lab Didn’t Lose, They Learned On ‘World Of Dance’

by Kristyn Burtt | 7/31/2017 5:13 PM

Photo credit: Justin Lubin/NBC



When The Lab bowed out of World of Dance after The Cut round in the Junior division, there were a few tears flowing on that stage. As a TV viewer, it was hard to watch them go since their routine proved they deserved to be in the competition. As we all know, judging is subjective and The Lab decided to focus on the experience, not the elimination.


Dance Network chatted with the entire team at the World of Dance Tour finals in Pasadena, California last week and they shared some of their final thoughts on Season 1 of WOD. Let me tell you, there are some words of wisdom we could all take to heart here.


“After we came offstage and we saw that we didn’t make it to the next round, people were crying. We weren’t crying because we were disappointed, we were crying because we were proud of ourselves,” says Tre De Rego. “We did the best that we could and the results, in the end, didn’t really matter to us. As long as we went out on stage and gave it our best shot, that’s all we can ask for. Our directors [Valerie Ramirez and Carrie Calkins] were super proud of us, and no one was in a bad mood. We all went out to eat and had a good time. As Ne-Yo said, ‘You never lose, you just learn.’ So for us, we didn’t lose, we just learned.”


The outcome has only made The Lab hungrier for success. They’ve gone back to the studio and rehearsed even harder.


“It’s really helped us. Since it was a blessing, we know we should work harder and maybe try it again next year,” explains 9-year-old Kea Peahu.



“Being on the show made us realize how hard we have to work and since the show, we have kept that mindset because we want to keep getting better. We have kept the training up and are trying to improve ourselves every single day,” continues De Rego.


The Lab is keeping their goal simple, even after a successful season on World of Dance.


Photo credit: Dance Network/Kristyn Burtt


“Our next goal is to grow as dancers overall and to keep pushing and learning from our directors and from one another,” shares Victoria “Lil Sweets” Hernandez. “We also have to keep growing in a variety of styles, not just one style.”


Even for De Rego, that might mean dusting off the old ballet slippers.


“I probably will because I want to keep growing as a dancer,” he laughs. “I want to be able to anything I can as a dancer — all of us do.”