Saigon Electric


Mai, a traditional ribbon dancer from the countryside, arrives to the big city of Saigon in hopes of being admitted to the national dance academy.  She meets Kim, a street dancer who doesn’t have a family of her own.  Mai enters their lives as the crew trains at the community center with their own dreams:  to compete internationally in South Korea. To do so, they have to beat the national champs from Hanoi.  Soon enough, Kim moves in with Mai and the two teens become kindred spirits until Kim loses in an underground battle and quits the South crew.  As Mai becomes closer to Doboy, the leader of the South crew, Kim begins a fairy tale romance with Hai, a rich boy from the other side of the tracks threatens her friendship with Mai.  The dance crew finds more trouble when a hotel developer informs them that their community center will be torn down to make room for a large hotel.  Now the kids have to convince city officials to find a way to keep their  community center and find victory at the big competition.