Pot O' Gold

The film tells of a couple romantically involved despite family feuds. Jimmy Haskell (james Stewart) is the former owner of a defunct music store. His uncle, C.J. Haskell (Charles Winniger), dislikes music and has long wanted Jimmy to join him in his health food business. Jimmy only agrees after his music store is closed. When Jimmy arrives at his uncle's place, he is confronted by members of the McCorkle family, who play in Heidt's band and often practice outside C.J's business. As C.J. hates music, he is infuriated and attempts to stop the band using the police. Unsuccessful, he is thrown a tomato by Jimmy, unintentionally. Jimmy is then made a hero by the band and the McCorkles, who do not know his true identity. Molly McCorkle (Paulette Goddard) falls in love with him.


George Marshall


James Stewart
Paulette Goddard
Horace Heidt
Charles Winninger
Mary Gordon
Frank Melton
Jed Prouty
Charles Arnt
Dick Hogan
James Burke
Donna Wood
Larry Cotton


Walter DeLeon
Andrew Bennison
Monte Brice
Harry Tugend
Haydn Roth Evans
Robert Brilmayer


George Marshall
James Roosevelt