The Ninth Symphony

Maurice Béjart’s compelling staging of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony has been enchanting audiences worldwide since its inception and its idea of universal brotherhood remains highly topical. “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (All men will be brothers) is the powerful message communicated by the unforgettable music and choreography. From the stage of the NHK Hall in Tokyo 250 dancers and musicians send this message out into the world. “It is a ‘manifestation’, in the deepest sense of the word.” Maurice Béjart


Mari Inamasu


Dan Tsukamoto
Mizuka Ueno
Iori Nittono
Aya Takagi
Kathleen Thielhem
Masayoshi Onuki
Elisabet Ros
Julien Favreau
Lisa Cano
Fabrice Gallarrague
Pauline Voisard


Maurice Béjart


Masumi Kawaguchi
Junya Yagi
Maryam Nikbin
Isabel Iturriagagoitia Bueno
Jan Bremme
Bernd Hellthaler
Lothar Mattner