Graceful Girls

Guts, stamina, dedication, power. You’ll need all four to be crowned ‘Most Graceful Girl’. In the beautiful, physically demanding world of the uniquely Australian dance sport of Calisthenics, there is only one solo prize that matters: Most Graceful Girl. For 23-year-old primary school teacher Brianna Lee, three-time Graceful Girl runner-up, there’s nothing she wants more. But calisthenics is a young woman’s sport and time is running out, so with the help of uncompromising, legendary coach Diane Sinnott, the grande Dame of the re-birthed Regent Calisthenics Club, Brianna struggles to perfect her routine, lay all her ghosts to rest and produce the best performance of her life. Graceful Girls is the feature film debut from Melbourne based film director Olivia Peniston-Bird, who like many didn’t know about the sport until it threatened to take over her life. Graceful Girls is a testament to the driving power of obsession, and the way that the spirit of competition can lead us to discover the best of our nature.


Olivia Peniston-Bird


Thirdrow Films
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