The Dance Theatre of Harlem

Dance Theatre of Harlem is America's leading classical ballet company of black dancers. This studio recording of four of their most popular works - Robert North's Troy Game, Lester Horton's The Beloved, Arthur Mitchell's John Henry and Agnes de Mille’s Fall River Legend - shows off the warmth, vitality and versatility for which they are acclaimed worldwide. North and Mitchell (co-founder of the company) introduce their works, and The Beloved is presented by the two dancers who perform this dramatic ballet.  • Special Commendation at the 1990 Grand Prix International Vidéo Danse / Silver Award at the 1990 New York International Film and Television Festival


Thomas Grimm


Dean Anderson
Joselli Audain
Lorraine Graves
Virginia Johnson
Hugues Magen
Lowell Smith
Lisa Attles
Anjali Austin
Fabian Barnes
Vince Collins
Elena Dominguez
Robert Garland
Kellye Gordon
James Gore
Yvonne Hall
Karen Henry
Jhane Hill
Tassia Hooks
Adam James
Ericka Lambre


Thomas Grimm
Michael Peterson