From 'Ice Princess Lily' to New Dance Goals, Mackenzie Ziegler is Ready For 2020

by Kristyn Burtt | 11/20/2019 3:12 PM

Mackenzie Ziegler with her sister, Maddie Ziegler, at the premiere of 'Ice Princess Lily.' Photo credit: JD Piche.

Mackenzie Ziegler burst on the dance scene back in 2011 with the TV show, Dance Moms. The show brought her incredible opportunities in and outside the dance world from competing on Dancing With the Stars: Juniors in 2018 to launching her singing career.


On Thursday, Nov. 21, fans get to see Kenzie in a new light in DIRECTV's Ice Princess Lily. She plays the title role of a fearless young princess, along with her dragon friend, Tabaluga, who takes on an evil snowman and his gang of polar bears from freezing the world over with ice.


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Photo credit: DIRECTV.

At the Ice Princess Lily premiere last week, Kenzie divulged to Dance Network that she sees a lot of Lily in herself.


"I think she puts others before she puts herself,” she said. “I definitely do that for my friends. I care for everyone, so I'm really glad I got to play someone like me."

One thing that fans took note of when Kenzie did DWTS: Juniors was her revelation that she had fallen out of love with dance after the success of Dance Moms. It took doing the ABC dance competition show for her to rediscover why dance was so important to her life.


On DWTS: Juniors she admitted, "It's really awesome getting to do singing and dancing again at the same time, because I finally found that I love dancing again because of singing."


When Dance Network caught up with her at the premiere, she said DWTS: Juniors was the catalyst for her second wave of success.


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"This year has meant a lot. This year is my favorite year by far. I have been doing everything I love,” she shared. “I've been acting, singing, dancing and doing Ice Princess Lily. This has been a really great year for me."


When asked what her favorite dance moment of 2019 was, without hesitation, she smiled and responded, "Dancing With the Stars!" In fact, Season 28 has been her latest obsession.


"I like Hannah [Brown]. She's so good. I like Kel [Mitchell]. I like everyone who is on the show right now, so it's going to be so sad when one of them goes home."


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When looking ahead to the new year and what 2020 is going to bring, Kenzie does have a goal in mind.


"I definitely want to dance a lot more. Obviously, I've been doing other things, so I haven't been able to focus on it. Dancing more is on the agenda. It's always there for me."


Ice Princess Lily is available exclusively on DIRECTV beginning Thursday, Nov. 21.

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