Here Are Your Season 16 Top-5 Guys on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

by Kristyn Burtt | 8/6/2019 1:42 PM

Photo credit: Greg Gayne/FOX.

On Monday night, So You Think You Can Dance completed its Season 16 Top-10 cast with a strong set of male dancers. These performers will roll into the studio shows beginning this Saturday with the first episode taping in front of a studio audience. The TV viewers will see this show two days later on Monday.


Despite the big changes in format, Season 16 has a strong cast of dancers and there are quite a few stars who are going to shine up there on that stage. SYTYCD is also a mental game. When the going gets tough, the contestants will need to rise above the challenges.


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There was little social media chatter over the judges' selections when it came to the men. The fans reserved this disappointment for the female contestants and most seemed to agree with the judges' choices this time around.


Let's take a look at the five dancers representing the guys this season.


Bailey Muñoz: Bailey is already an accomplished performer. Don't let the -boy label fool you because he can do every style. His gratitude shines through with each video package and interview and that ease of personality will make him a fan favorite early on.


Benjamin Castro: When you're related to Manny Castro of Dance Town in Miami, Florida, you know there are good dance genes there. Benji flew under a lot of viewers' radar during the Academy, but his strong final dance with All-Star Koine Iwasaki sealed his fate in the Top 10. We are looking forward to Benji's journey over the next six weeks.

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Ezra Sosa: Ezra and his sister, Stephanie Sosa, have officially made SYTYCD history by becoming the first set of siblings to perform on the show in the same season. The supportive brother and sister team have trained very hard for this show and it's always helpful to have a cheerleader built into the cast. Even though they came in as ballroom dancers, viewers can easily see how strong their cross-training is.


Eddie Hoyt: Eddie's story resonates with so many fans and his vulnerability is refreshing because he's been open since we saw him in Season 15. By embracing every minute of this experience, Eddie will have tremendous growth as a performer over the next six weeks.

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Gino Cosculluela: Gino is another contestant setting a record this season — he already has a job post-SYTYCD. Gino was cast in the ensemble of the Broadway revival of West Side Story. He will be performing alongside Season 11 winner, Ricky Ubeda, and Season 11 Top-10 contestant, Bridget Whitman. Performances for the show begin on Dec. 10, so it's safe to say Gino won't be doing the full SYTYCD tour, which runs through Dec. 6. Gino's technique is perfection, so look for the judges to focus on his emotional journey this season.

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