So You Think You Can Dance Fans, Nigel Lythgoe Wanted A Top 20, Too

by Kristyn Burtt | 8/1/2017 3:37 PM

Photo credit: Adam Rose/Fox



The live shows of So You Think You Can Dance finally begin on Monday, Aug. 7. The series is doing its best to please old-school fans while keeping up with the new kid on the block, World of Dance.


SYTYCD’s social media team has done a great job this season with giving us previews of auditions and making sure the All-Stars are regularly posting about the show. They are trying to keep in step with WOD, which has actively promoted their show on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.


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I’ve noted a lot of the other fresh changes to the show since Dance Network began covering the season at the LA auditions — from Mandy Moore’s promotion to creative director to Mary Murphy’s return —Season 14 is in great shape.


What’s important to remember though is that Nigel Lythgoe and executive producer Jeff Thacker work very hard behind the scenes and fight the network to bring the best SYTYCD to audiences that they can. It was Fox’s idea to do a junior version of SYTYCD. Even though Season 13 delivered extraordinary talent, Nigel and Jeff designed the show for 18+ contestants.



This year, Nigel confirmed that he would have preferred a Top 20 to a Top 10.


“In my opinion, I still love a Top 20. I love a Top 20 that we can go down and watch the growth across a long series. But this we go with 10 and we start cutting them immediately, which is a sad thing for me,” Nigel explained to Dance Network at National Dance Day. “I want to see them dance more, but this is what Fox wanted and that’s what we’re going to give them.”


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You don’t always have to agree with what Nigel says on the judges’ panel, but recognize he’s fighting for the same format you know and love. The duo has also tried to bring back some favorite choreographers into the fold. It’s already confirmed that Wade Robson is back and Nigel shared that Keone and Mari Madrid will be on the show later in the season. He even dropped the bomb that they are one step closer to getting Mia Michaels to choreograph.


So get ready for a fun ride over the next seven weeks. Dance Network will be bringing you live interviews after the East Coast airing of SYTYCD each and every week. I hope you will join us!


For more insight on this year’s group of All-Stars, watch ‘To The Pointe With Kristyn Burtt’ interview with Allison Holker:


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